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cv review

Do you know how much time you have to earn a busy employer’s attention with your CV?  Around 20-30 seconds!

Are you sure that your CV contains all the elements that will earn an employer’s interest?

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If you have sent your CV several times but still you are not invited to an interview, then maybe you should reconsider not only your CV but also the entire job search process you follow.


Our Services

  • CV Writing
  • Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • List of Companies
  • Postgraduate Applications
  • Personal Statement

What can we do for you ?

Through our extensive experience, we know what we should include in a CV, at what point to include it and how to write it so that your CVstands out amongst the hundreds of other candidates. We also know what else can and should do to increase your chances of success. Nowadays, even a very good CV is not enough.

Nobody has a second chance for a great first impression. Whether you are looking for your first job after university, or whether you are looking for something better or just need a CV for a summer placement or postgraduate studies applications, working with us can ensure you that you did everything in your power and even more.

Our process

You select the services you want to order !

You give us the necessary information we need, either by answering certain questions or by uploading your old CV

You go on and pay for the services you chose, easily and securely via PayPal. If necessary, our specialized counsellor will contact your for any further information we might need

We send you your order on your computer, via email! You can ask for any changes for a period of 3 months !

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